Ok so what am I about? hmmmm, Well, I am just a girl living a dream along with my amazing patient husband and three little awesome people who happen to love me no matter how crazy I get. In the past few years we have lived in many many places but currently are living in the hustling and bustling city of Seoul, the soul of Asia.

I love traveling and experiencing different cultures, tasting their food, shopping with the locals in the open markets and learning about our hosting country and their customs.

I love telling stories through a sequence of images that capture the pure moments of connecting and interacting with each other. I love the human interaction and all the variety of emotions we are capable of feeling and gestures we use to communicate without saying a word. I guess you can say I love people watching and photo documenting it all.

I am originally from sunny southern California where food is so international and awesome. If I ever am back home and start to miss some of the places I have traveled to, I know I can go for a short drive and reminisce as I eat a food from wherever I am missing.