Ok so what am I about? hmmmm, Well, I am just a girl living a dream along with my amazing patient husband and three little awesome people who happen to love me no matter how crazy I get. Through their unconditional love I am constantly reminded of God’s amazing grace. Our lives are as stressful as can be but wow do we have fun through it all. Yes, there are days where we simply drive each other nuts but those days come and go and don’t linger because we are easily distracted and reminded by how much God loves us and has blessed us. Part of what adds stress to our lives is the constant moving we do. We have lived in 10 different cities in Asia in the past 9 years. CRAZY but it is all worth it because we are experiencing so much through it all. Currently we are living in the hustling and bustling city of Seoul, the soul of Asia. Don’t know how long we will be here but we will make the most of our time here.

As you can already see, I looove traveling and best of all, seeing new things, experiencing different cultures, tasting the local food, shopping with the locals in the open markets and learning about our host country and their customs.

I love capturing our crazy nomadic life through my lens. The past couple of years have been a bit challenging in taking photos of our adventures since I was busy carrying a baby in an Ergo and a diaper bag. That did not make carrying my camera bag very conducive since it weighs a ton because I don’t mess around with little cameras but a big honkin heavy camera and of course lenses.

Now that the kiddos are bigger and able to walk and feed themselves, my shoulders are free and my camera can tag along in our adventures.

So brace yourselves for some more bloggin posts of our crazy life.

A bit more about me before I started Livin La Vida Loca, I am originally from sunny southern California where the weather is always perfect but the 405 is always gridlocked. I try to visit once a year. I am a Christ follower, passionately in love with my Savior and actively pursuing Him daily. He has blessed me with such an awesome husband who’s job is what has us moving around so much. In the midst of all the traveling we were blessed with three spunky, crazy, wild, hyper, wonderful, beautiful little children. I homeschool these crazies and they are my sidekicks in this thing called life.

Who knows where will be a year from now, only God knows but in the meantime I pray that we remain in His perfect will no matter the challenges which I know are for our growth and strengthening of our faith in Him.