My oldest daughter loves to help in the kitchen. She loves getting ingredients ready and preparing meals with me. I think part of the reason she loves it so much is because she gets to spend exclusive time with me. On a normal day my hours are spent shared between three little homeschoolers who all require my immediate attention to help them with whatever subject they are tackling starting from a 3 year old dealing with fine motor skills to a 7 year old figuring out how to multiply 3 columns.

Since websites come and go so quickly, I decided to keep record of some of our favorite recipes here on my blog to share with you and just in case the website that the recipe came from just totally ceases to exist.

One of our favorite recipes we love to make and share with our friends is the “Simple Sugar Cookie Bars”.

I found it at She has lots of yummy recipes that are easy to do even for a 7 year old.

We don’t add the frosting to it because it gets a bit too sweet for us. The cookie by itself though is super yummy.

Below is a link to a pdf file of the recipe.