Grocery shopping here in Seoul is totally different from what I am accustomed to in the States. There is no convenient parking in front of the grocery store. There are no shopping carts. Most of life here is done on foot. In order to get any food home you definitely need a little mama-san (grandma) cart to lug your fresh food home or if you can speak the language you can arrange somewhere somehow to have your stuff dropped off at your place. Since I don’t speak the language I take my little helpers to help carry groceries home about 4 blocks away. I get whining and complaining on the way there and all the way back home. This weekly endeavor does get a bit stressful for me but it can be fun as I watch the kids get excited about new things they see. It is fun watching our boy drool over the seafood wishing he can have sushi. Ever since we left Okinawa, he has been craving sushi.

Don’t get me wrong, there are modern grocery stores here quite similar to Super Walmart but they are few and not conveniently located and I always leave super stressed because they are overcrowded with people and I can’t maneuver through the aisles. There is online grocery shopping too but I have been unsuccessful at getting exactly what I want because of language barriers. So my last resort for fresh produce is the local market and for bulk items, the High and Mighty Costco.