We have finally gotten into a routine here. From leaving a beautiful laid back island, to settling into a hustling and bustling urban city, I can say we have finally gotten into a routine of day to day mundane life. It is in this time where the temptation to complain about boredom comes, where I am challenged to find something extra ordinary, something special. It is in this time that God uses to reveal to me all the blessings He pours on us on a daily basis. It is here where God gives me a little nudge and reminds me that mundane is a huge blessing in itself. It is rest. It is more time to share with Him. It is where I can SEE Him. It is here where He shows me how beautiful my kids are even through their tantrums. God has to slow me down to really appreciate these little people He has blessed me with, to see their little quirkinesses, their little laughs, their little mannerisms.


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