A couple months ago I was approached by a friend who asked me if I would consider photographing her wedding. Without hesitation I said “yes” because I love this girl and I think she is awesome. But not too long after I started getting cold sweat and worrying because I don’t consider myself a wedding photographer. I think it is the hardest thing to do and stress hit me  just thinking “oh my goodness what if I totally mess up and take horrible shots and my friend won’t be happy at all with the images” or “my memory cards just totally erases and I have NOOOO images after”. Well, I said yes and when I say “yes” I mean “yes”. My word is good. So now to wait for the day and pray and pray asking God to help me capture beautiful memories. The day came and I was on adrenaline. All I can say is “God is good”. He calmed my nerves and the couple were simply amazing.

Thanks Tamiko and Kevin. You guys rocked your wedding.

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